Experience languages with the PDL method around the Lake Garda

You want to encounter languages with the PDL method but you don't spend your holidays in Malcesine? No problem, we go to you! We offer you courses which are directly tailored to your needs, provide a trainer and organize facilities for individual lessons or courses in small groups around Lake Garda. The only thing you bring along is yourself and other participants, as needed.

The number of teaching units takes its cue from you, whereupon we recommend an overall minimum number of 20 units and at least 4 units a day to ensure an adequate progress in learning.

As the only institute we familiarise you with Italian, English, German, Spanish and French using the PDL method. Further information on this effective teaching and learning method which incites you to talk from the very beginning can be found here.

Languages with PDL

Teaching units upon consultation

Course length:

upon consultation

Course length:

at least 20 teaching units à 45 minutes

Course days:

upon consultation

Course times:

upon consultation

Course size:

1 - 12 participants

Your investment:

Upon request we will submit an individual and non-binding offer (includes placement test, travelling expenses, course materials with acontatto booklet, certificate).

For companies:

On presentation of VAT-number, foreign companies can receive an invoice without VAT

“Sulle ali dell’italiano con la PDL”

Participation is possible for everybody – with or without previous knowledge

From the individual contact with the spoken language to the communication with a conversational partner. The coach and later also the group will support you.

“Sulle ali dell’italiano con la PDL”

Participation possible after attendance of the PDL-Introduction week or with basic knowledge of the Italian language.

We take a further step in communication and interaction. We focus on complex exercises, including both reality and imagination.

"Sulle ali dell’italiano con la PDL”

Participation recommended with good knowledge of the Italian language

This PDL-course addresses participants who already have substantial knowledge of the Italian language and are able to communicate in the language.

You will deal with different exercises and activities about topics and situation with which you wish to cope even better in Italy.