PDL Italian

with acontatto

This Italian course based on the PDL method enthuses and convinces more and more lecturers and learners. The PDL techniques enable the participants not only to learn the words and grammar, but also to develop gradually a feeling for the Italian language and to start speaking.

If you have basic knowledge of the Italian language, you will start speaking and experience how relaxing and fun it can be to learn a language. You will enlarge your communication skills and your ability to express yourself in Italian automatically and in a natural way.

We are looking forward to your participation. A presto!

Course description

This Italian course, which is conceived after the innovative PDL-method, offers the unique possibility to learn Italian effectively and individually. At the same time you will develop important competences, which you will need for a successful communication in your own language:

  • The systematic training of perception, observation, presence and concentration will enable you to cope better with dialogs.
  • Voice, language and body language will be experiences in different situations and lead you to sensible and adapted use.
  • Intuition work, discovery and development of the own creative potential offers you many incentives, which will lead you to act and react spontaneously and flexible.
  • Using the innovative PDL method you will experience Italian as a language and you will immediately be able to express your own thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions, even as a beginner.